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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas That Will Make Anyone's Day

NOV 10, 2021

The month of November signifies the beginning of the festive season. And what makes the festive season so special, besides spending time with loved ones? Gifts, of course!

While receiving them can be lots of fun, coming up with thoughtful gift ideas for your loved ones can bear a lot of confusion. This is why DG Brownies is highlighting five creative ways to gift your loved ones this season.

Paint a smile on your friends’ faces with some DG Brownies this season.

1. A Handmade, Personalised Hamper

If the person you are gifting is someone you know well, you may wish to create a gift hamper from scratch, featuring some of their favourite things. This gives you the space to get really creative with ample opportunities to provide sentimental touches, such as a heartwarming message inscribed at the bottom of the gift box.

If the person enjoys a bottle of wine, you can curate your very own wine and snacks’ hamper. If your friend or family member enjoys aromas, a hamper filled with a collection of incense, essential oils, and even perfume testers may prove a thoughtful and well-appreciated gift. And the list goes on! The best part about this? It can be as budget friendly as you want it to be!

2. A Memory Book

Have you shared memories and have a collection of photos? Your partner, parents, best friend, or even your siblings would absolutely love this idea.

Putting together a collection of photos, along with a series of quotes, short stories, or even longer essays is an extremely thoughtful way to express your appreciation for someone. If this is a person you have traveled a lot with, you could even call the collection of memories “Our Adventure Book”! This gift idea again gives you the room to get as creative as possible, however it’s important to note that it requires a lot of time and planning.

An example of a memory scrapbook, as seen on Youtube

3. A Personalised Plant Pot

A simple gift that becomes sentimental as soon as you add a personalised message for the person receiving the present. What is great about this gift is that it can be tailored to the event. E.g. If you and your colleagues are celebrating Secret Santa at your office space, for example.

Adding messages to the pot such as “Merry Christmas John”, or, our personal favourite “Say Aloe to your little friend” will turn this simple gift into something really memorable.

4. DG Brownies!

Speaking of thoughtful and simple gifts, a delicious brownie box will put a smile on just about anyone’s face. One of the great things about DG brownies is the luxury, yellow packaging that would impress your giftees in both corporate and intimate settings.

There are three different box sizes to choose from, and they all come with the option to add a personalised note with your order, if you wish to leave a lasting impression.

Even better yet is the new Flavour of The Month, introduced (you guessed it) the first day of every month. If this gift becomes a regular occurrence, you can add to the excitement by sending them a different flavour every month!

P.S. A Box For All at a dinner party will definitely make you the center of attention, even if you’re not the host/hostess.

Our Flavour of The Month this November is Pumpkin Spice, a delicious festive treat

5. Balloon Messages

This unique gift idea might be more appropriate for only your close, loved ones. It may require some more time than the above gift ideas, but it is extremely thoughtful and will provide a good morale boost for anyone needing it!

The idea is simple: write a series of messages in little pieces of paper, then place the paper into different balloons before blowing them. These messages can be in the form of daily words of wisdom, affirmations, things you love about the person, or even a collection of messages from the giftee’s friends and family members.

Let’s Wrap This Up (No Pun Intended)

Although coming up with a thoughtful gift idea may be stressful at times, we hope this blog eases your worries this season. As you can see, there are plenty of creative and thoughtful ways to show your loved ones and colleagues your appreciation!

Kick back and relax, we got you covered here at DG Brownies!


Written by Yasmeen Jabri

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