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OCT 13, 2021

DG Brownies are supporting two charities for Black History Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. We are donating 25p from each purchase to these education-based charities to raise awareness and support them in their critical missions. This first blog post explores the origins of Black History Month, and what it means to DG Brownies Co-Founder Ayo Shonibare. DG Brownies raised £127.78 for YoungMinds in September, aiding their mission of supporting the mental wellbeing of young people and their loved ones.

Share DG Brownies whilst having important conversations about Black History Month

Carter G Woodson established Black History Week as a national celebration in the US in 1926, which expanded to become an annual month-long event in 1970. Seventeen years later, Akyaaba Addai-Sebo lead a team in creating the UK’s Black History Month in 1987, celebrating key achievements, events, and contributions by Black people to the economic, political, social, and cultural spheres of life in the UK. Celebrating Black History Month has never been more important, given the watershed #BlackLivesMatter movement of 2020.

This year’s campaign, Proud To Be, encourages Black people to share stories of taking pride in who they are to celebrate Black heritage and culture.

Ayo Shonibare, Co-Founder of DG Brownies speaks candidly about Black History Month:

“I support Black History Month for my parents, migrating over from Nigeria close to 30 years ago. They really struggled when they landed in the UK. For me, it’s to celebrate my efforts, my wider family’s efforts, and kind of just reflect on the hardship that the black community has faced. It’s good to know where you come from.

My parents raised me to be proud of who I am and not shy away from the fact that I am Black. We often closed race-related conversations around the notion; if you believe in yourself, and you believe what you are doing adds value, it doesn’t matter what race you are".

Black History Month Poster, as from Black History Month Website

When I first started working full time and my parents asked me how my day was, I think that in itself is a reflection of what we’ve achieved as a family, and how far we’ve made it.

Black History Month is not limited to October. It’s an ongoing conversation with friends and family about abolishing stigmas around Black people. The news and media doesn’t always portray Black people in a positive way, and it's so important to talk to each other and have these conversations to abolish stigmas. Being a business owner is a great way to indirectly talk about Black achievements”.

Black Heroes Foundation, October’s Charity Partnership

This October, DG Brownies are supporting Black Heroes Foundation, a London-based charity that promotes Black Talent in arts, performances, and music, through funding exhibitions and shows. Flip Fraser, one of the co-creators of the critically acclaimed musical ‘Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame’ was in the process of creating the foundation when he passed away in 2014, and continues in honour of his memory.

Performances by Black Heros Foundation aim to develop cultural awareness of Black heritage by telling inspirational stories, educating and empowering audiences. Supporting Black Heroes Foundation directly supports up-and-coming talent and eradicates ignorance towards Black history. Education through art has never been so important, given that Black history is world history.

If you would like to host an exhibition from the Black Heroes Foundation, such as London’s Great Women of Colour, you can book online for schools, universities, and corporate functions and events across the UK.

Support Black History Month by purchasing any DG Brownies product this October, and stay tuned to find out how much we raise this month.


Written by Fiona Philp

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