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AUG 18, 2021

Climate change is on the tip of everyone’s tongues due to recent fires in Greece. So, there is no better time to talk about sustainability and veganism, our core values here at DG Brownies.

Why Strive for Sustainability?

Often used flippantly in conversations, sustainability is a buzzword that describes one of the major goals of the 21st Century; to fight against climate change. Sustainability involves using the earth’s resources in a way that meets current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. The global drive for sustainability is born out of the common goal of limiting the causes (and effects of) global warming.

Adopting more sustainable choices in your lifestyle goes hand in hand with fighting climate change – everybody can pitch in! More sustainable lifestyle choices can be made such as the types of transport we use, and the dietary choices we make.

Our brownies are easy to transport, so why not enjoy them outisde?

Veganism and Sustainability

Can a vegan diet actually help to fight climate change?

Researchers at Oxford University uncovered that switching to a plant-based or vegan diet can reduce your carbon footprint by 73%. If the world’s population became vegan, global food-related emissions would drop by 70%, saving 8 million lives by 2050. Whilst it is not feasible for everyone on earth to switch to a vegan diet, there are small changes you can make to help combat the negative effects of global warming.

That said, the increase of plant-based products and meat alternatives that are constantly being created as manufacturing and processing still uses a lot of energy. However, the amount of energy used is considerably less than raising and farming cows for meat and dairy products.

Veganism has known health benefits such as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure. A common misconception with veganism is protein deficiency making muscle building tricky. Yet Kendrick James Farris, an Olympic weightlifter for the United States’ is a testament to a vegan diet, stating it’s like having superpowers’.

A balanced vegan diet can improve your fitness and body endurance, and benefit the environment - what’s not to like?

Reducing emissions through a plant-based diet decreases the environmental impact. The more vegans there are, the more environmental (and health) benefits there are! This doesn’t stop at veganism, however. Making more sustainable lifestyle choices such as using a refillable water bottle instead of buying bottled can save money and plastic waste.

Sustainability at DG Brownies

Veganism is not the only pathway to a more sustainable future. With the UK striving to be Net Zero by 2050, all businesses must create initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and increase sustainability. This includes all stages of creating a product, throughout packaging and transportation too.

Daniek Godschalk (DG)’s commitment to sustainability was kickstarted after overhearing a conversation:

‘A couple of years back I overheard a father and his son talking. The son said, “this is the hottest summer of my life!” to which the father quickly replied, “And it may well be the coldest summer of the rest of your life”. It was such an eye opener for me; simple but so powerful’

‘If we continue to do nothing we will be left with nothing. It is easy to think one individual’s contribution is negligible and will not make any difference, but imagine if everyone thought the same way. Our impact on the planet has been crucial since we founded DG Brownies. It may not be considered much relative to what is needed, but to us it means a lot.’

We keep our air miles and emissions low through home baking all of our Brownies from DG’s kitchen, instead of outsourcing these steps. All of our cardboard brownie boxes are recyclable, reducing landfill waste and preserving natural resources. Alternatively, try repurposing your brownie box as a gift box, or to store small trinkets such as paperclips in.

Our Recyclable Brownie Boxes

Recycle With DG

We launched a brownie box recycling scheme in July 2021, to increase our sustainability and promote a more circular business model. To recycle your brownie box, simply fill in an online form on our website here. You will be emailed a free postage label to drop off at your local Post Office via Royal Mail. In return, you will be emailed a 20% promotion code for your next brownie box. The more boxes that our DG Family returns, the more boxes that we can re-use!

Sustainable Swaps

We keep discovering more sustainable lifestyle and dietary swaps to become more sustainable. How about swapping oat milk when drinking tea or coffee as opposed to dairy? And of course, enjoying an afternoon cuppa with a vegan DG Brownie!

Even without following a strict vegan diet, small changes can make a big difference over time.

What are your sustainable swaps? Comment below which ones you find easy to fit into your lifestyle!


Written by Fiona Philp

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