MEET OUR TEAM: Data Scientist, Sara

SEPT 22, 2021

In our third edition of Meet Our Team, we will be catching up with our Data Scientist, Sara.

Meet Sara, our Data Scientist

Sara is a third-year mechanical engineer student at Imperial College London, where she learnt to code. Sara’s job as a Data Scientist is varied but mostly focuses on software development using code. At the moment, Sara is working on creating an app that locates buildings for pop-up stalls to sell DG Brownies in ‘I usually spend half a day working on the app and spend the other half analysing data from our advertisements’ she explains.

As a student studying mechanical engineering, how are you finding your first position as a Data Scientist?

I’m really enjoying it. My degree involves lots of data analysis and coding. When I code for university work, it is usually hypothetical, which we call a ‘thought experiment’. At DG Brownies, the code I create is actually getting used. Being able to put this into use in a job is really fulfilling, especially as it is the part of my degree that I love the most.

Can you tell us a little bit about coding?

One branch of DG Brownies is pop-up stalls in different buildings in London. For my most recent project, I have been constructing a piece of code for an app. If you enter a location and a radius into the software, it will generate the addresses of all of the office buildings in the area. This allows our team to reach out to offices for pop-up stalls. I call this piece of technology the Office Locator App or OLA for short.

What have you learnt from DG Brownies?

My coding knowledge has grown exponentially. I’ve had to learn how to make an app, enhancing my coding skills which benefits my degree too.