MEET OUR TEAM: Digital Communications and Head Of Fun, Fiona

OCT 5, 2021

This edition of Meet Our Team features Fiona, who has recently finished her master’s and now writes our weekly blogs and newsletters.

Meet Fiona, our Digital Communications Officer

How was growing up in Bristol in comparison to living in London?

Bristol and London are very different places. Bristol has a laid-back, homegrown atmosphere, where veganism and sustainability are welcomed and reinforced. The people are so friendly; it was a really nice place to grow up. Bristol has a very special place in my heart. Everything feels so much faster-paced in London, which I find exciting. I often catch myself walking around thinking ‘I can’t believe I live here!’.

You said you like living in London, what exactly do you get up to in your free time?

I’m really into fashion and clothes. I spend a lot of time in charity shops, vintage shops, and also on clothes selling apps Depop and Vinted. I also love going out for food. Most of all, I love nothing more than a pint in the pub with my friends.

Why does vintage shopping appeal to you?

Sustainability is a major factor in why I shop mostly second-hand. But what I actually really like is the individualism within vintage pieces. What I choose to wear, no one else has, which makes it really special.

What are your top three London restaurants?

Pastaio in Soho, Farmacy in Notting Hill and the Portobello Garden, also in Notting Hill, which has amazing pizza.

What attracted you to working at DG Brownies?

I was hoping to work with like-minded people who are friendly and open to new things. To be truthful, I was also hoping for some free vegan brownies!

Delicious, gooey, vegan brownies

How are you finding the transition from sales into Digital Communications?