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OCT 26, 2021

The second charity DG Brownies are supporting this October is CoppaFeel, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an international campaign to raise awareness of the disease. Throughout October 25p from each purchase will be donated to CoppaFeel, as well as the Black Heroes Foundation.

Show friends your support with DG Brownies

Breast Cancer Awareness Month encourages funding critical research into different causes, cures, preventions and treatments. Every year, around 55,000 women and 370 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, hence the importance of raising awareness of breast cancer and early symptoms. Additionally, the campaign is imperative to funding research, such as how breast cancer impacts different ages, races, genders, and ethnicities, so that nobody is left in the dark about their symptoms or treatments.

Pink is the Official Colour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established in 1985 in America and has since shaped the international landscape of cancer awareness, particularly in women. Educating yourself on the signs and symptoms is the best way to catch it early, within which treatments are most likely to be effective. Our team here at DG Brownies is majority women, and we believe that having conversations about breast cancer is really important to alleviate stigmas around cancer, and also for supporting your mental wellbeing. We chose CoppaFeel as our charity this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for their education-based approach to breast cancer.

CoppaFeel was created by twin sisters Kristin and Maren in 2009, aged 23, after Kristin was diagnosed with breast cancer. CoppaFeel are the UK’s first education-based charity, encouraging everyone to check yourself regularly to notice signs and catch breast cancer early on, and be proactive about health. Knowing the signs of breast cancer could save your life or somebody else’s, hence the importance of education and awareness-raising.

CoppaFeel, one of the two charities DG Brownies are supporting this month.

The CoppaFeel website provides a plethora of resources on breast cancer awareness, including online e-learning modules, information packs as well as stickers, which can be used in schools, universities, and at work. You can also sign up for monthly free text reminders to check yourself.

Pink is the universal colour of breast cancer awareness month, so wear pink throughout October to support the cause. Why not create an office event with a pink dress code to raise awareness and of course, have fun.

Support these critical causes by purchasing any DG Brownie product this October, and stay tuned to find out how much we raise this month.


Written by Fiona Philp

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