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NOV 30, 2021

Throughout the month of November, DG Brownies raised a total of £160 for the Movember movement, supporting men’s health on a global scale.

Ayo Shonibare, co-founder of DG Brownies, “attempted” to grow a moustache in support of Movember

For the month of December, we are pleased to announce that we are supporting Crisis, the national charity in support of homeless people in the UK. We are donating 25p from every DG Brownie purchase this December to the Crisis charity, to support them on their mission to provide vital help to homeless people across the UK.

Crisis was founded in 1967, shortly after the drama Cathy Come Home was aired on BBC. The story was about a young woman who had her children taken away as she faced unemployment, leading to her homelessness. The poignant film led to an immense amount of awareness towards the homelessness crisis in the UK, and the issue began making headlines across popular news channels. This uproar led to the establishment of the charity Crisis At Christmas by Bill Shearman, an aspiring politician.

A still image of the popular film Cathy Come Home, as seen on The Guardian

Shearman led a candle-light vigil which was held at Hyde Park the Sunday before Christmas in 1967, and a total of £7,000 was raised for homeless people. And so began the great work of the Crisis Foundation, which officially registered as a charity in 1972.

The integrated support that Crisis provides to homeless people is carried out with the ultimate mission to end homelessness in the UK. Their support towards homeless people entails education, training, and the provision of advice for those struggling. More substantially, Crisis also provides housing for the homeless, as well as opportunities for employment. Homeless people can attend one of the 12 Crisis Skylight Centres in order to obtain advice as well as support.

Crisis have outlined a five year strategy for the years 2018-2023. The strategy includes five strategic goals, including:

  • Ensure that all policy changes to end homelessness are adopted.

  • Ensure that government bodies across the UK adopt national plans to end homelessness.

  • Demonstrate that homelessness can in fact be ended through research.

  • End the homelessness of more people through direct support from Crisis.

  • End the homelessness of people who have more complex needs.

The Crisis logo and banner, as seen on their website

You can support the Crisis Charity by donating directly to them, joining a fundraising event, or by volunteering to support the homeless. The volunteer work can consist of anything from providing essential health and wellbeing services, catering services, or even hosting and participating in fun activities with the people in need!

Another way to support Crisis is by purchasing DG Brownies throughout the month of December. Stay tuned to find out how much we raise!


Written by Yasmeen Jabri

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