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The new flavour of the month!

16 delicious DG Brownies x Peanut Butter. Only available for the month of July!

Serving suggestion: Coffee/Tea or Ice Cream.

Box For All - Peanut Butter

  • The Box For All - Peanut Butter is the new flavour of the month! 

    The exclusive Peanut Butter edition combines traditional Peanut Butter gooeyness with the original chewy, chocolatey DG Brownies. 

    16 delicious DG Brownies filled and topped with Peanut Butter. Ideal for sharing with someone special.

    The yummy Box For All contains 16 pieces of DG Brownies - Peanut Butter, suggested for 8 - 10 people. 

    Available for a limited time only.

Customer Reviews

DG Brownies are great for Sunday nights, Netflix and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. - Amal Ali

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