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The new flavour of the month!

Two delicious DG Brownies x Salted Caramel. Only available for the month of June!

Serving suggestion: Coffee/Tea or Ice Cream. 

Box For Me - Salted Caramel

  • The Box For Me - Salted Caramel is the new flavour of the month!

    The exclusive Salted Caramel edition combines traditional Caramel sweetness with the original chewy, chocolatey DG Brownies and topped with a dash of Sea Salt.

    Two delicious DG Brownies filled and topped with Salted Caramel, suggested for 1 person.

    Available for a limited time only.

    Each DG Brownie measures 5cm x 4.5cm..
    Total net weight (excluding packaging); 70g.

Customer Reviews

DG Brownies are great for Sunday nights, Netflix and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. - Amal Ali

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