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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

AUG 10, 2021

Welcome to the very first DG Brownies Blog!

Pre-pandemic, we embarked on hundreds of pop-up stalls around London, allowing us to meet all of you lovely people. The pandemic has caused a disconnection from everyone we used to liaise with day-to-day, so we thought starting a blog was an exciting opportunity to re-connect with all of our DG Family and keep you updated on our latest ventures. First hear about our story, followed by our core values of veganism and sustainability

Our Story

Daniek Godschalk, also known as DG, is our chief baker and co-founder of DG Brownies. DG has a family history of baking. Both of DG’s grandmothers were famous bakers in both Curaçao and Mexico, creating delicious baked goods right from their home kitchens, filled with love. DG has kept this tradition alive by using her grandmother’s brownie recipe here in London. Since DG Brownies was launched in 2017, DG has baked an estimated 500,000 brownies, averaging at around 2,000 per week. DG Brownies are enjoyed by families worldwide, with orders reaching Singapore, Spain, and Switzerland, for example.

Daniek Godschalk Baking Brownies

Our Mission

When friends first tasted DG Brownies, they didn't realise they were vegan. This fleeting comment spurred on this brownie movement, to bake luxury vegan brownies for everyone to share and enjoy. It’s that simple.

The DG Brownie

Chocolatey, squidgy and rich, the DG Brownie is completely vegan (certified by The Vegan Friendly). DG’s special ingredient is pureed apple to give the brownies their gooey centre. In addition to our original rich chocolate flavour, we also have various ‘flavours of the month’, in prior months we have offered (for a limited time period); peanut butter, Lotus Biscoff spread and salted caramel to name a few. DG Brownies are not just a treat, but an occasion to share and enjoy together.

The DG Brownie

Our Stance on: Veganism

Switching or increasing the number of plant-based or vegan products in your diet is a relatively easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. The UK has an estimated 1.5 million vegans, with a further 3.1 million vegetarians (hello, Meat-free Monday!). The year 2020 saw a rapid increase in plant-based meat alternative products, with national supermarket Tesco stating a 50% increase in meat-free products, reflecting the rise of veganism. Recent concerns over animal welfare and the environment are the two main drivers of veganism, at 55% and 33% respectively.

The rise of veganism and vegetarianism also translates to increased demand for vegan desserts and sweet treats (we wouldn’t want you missing out). We believe that everyone should enjoy brownies, whatever their dietary preferences.

Our Stance on: Sustainability

Our motivation for sustainability was sparked at realisation of the high amount of packaging waste in UK households. Despite efforts with 71% of UK households recycling in 2016, the amount sent to landfill is still increasing at 15% annually. At DG Brownies, sustainability means reducing both food and material waste, both as individuals and as a business Veganism and sustainability go hand in hand to promote more environmentally friendly diets and lifestyles, benefiting you and the planet.

There are hundreds of ways to reuse our brownie boxes; use them as gift-wrapping for birthday presents, get crafty with children and turn them into something new, or use them to store small objects (paperclips, hair ties, or cotton buds) for example.

In addition, our brownie-box recycling scheme allows us to re-use our packaging in the future for a more circular business model. In return for recycling your boxes, you get a 20% discount promo code on your next brownie box. Win-Win!

Keen to read more?

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Written by Fiona Philp

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